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If two people are consenting and both at the age capable of reproduction, its natural.

psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00D1MZUFO&pd_rd_wg=Y5op8&pd_rd_r=N3MPVBNJ31CKY559KEQV&pd_rd_w=g R9f1: there's a reason why women sexually mature faster than men, and prefer older men, and why Men, whether they ilike it or not find themselves attracted to this: It's just the way we evolved to ensure the propigation of the species.

If Islam did take over the World we would instantly return to the dark ages of the seventh century. Humanity's learned too much to give up modernity in favor of a STUPID religion like Islam. The richest Muslim countries like, Saudi Arabia, have some technology only because they have oil money to buy it. though I'm not saying i don't live here, also.: I agree with the original spoon and anon 1840, this is indeed family play, what i do mind is OP (i said this before) posts only pics with kids in them.. If you want to invite the pedo scum, then posting kids is a good way to do it..: In other words ; Stop posting pics with kids turatuc !! They will use anything to get in here and their comments are filled with sick shit, just look at Im Your Mom BIATCH's comments, he's not kidding either...: 0968 has a point: horseriding is known to "ruin" the hymen.

The Muslim world, can't do the science that is required to build a technologically.. Without the oil, they'd still be riding camels and living in Terrorist Lolicon: when you say "education, progress and technology," you should say dehumanization, exploitation and the ability to produce (and sell, of course) weapons that have the ability to destroy the earth 10 times! Not that there's anything wrong with a virgin girl whose hymen is torn.

Anyway I'll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

Anonymous: "I discovered your weblog site on google and test just a few of your early posts. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader.

Ever notice how the Muslem world can't produce anything.

In a reality like this, I admire those who act against oppression without abandoning the faith and morality, even if his actions are extreme and violent. Because for me it is not moral that a people be forced to live on crumbs, while world powers are entertained with his "war games".

Because I'm not here supporting Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but reaffirming that is MORAL when a people fight for freedom and justice, even when they act in an extreme way, BECAUSE THIS IS A EXTREME WAR!

It's about extremist Muslims who reject all reason and sometimes even send their OWN CHILDREN to death over IDEAS they deem offensive.

The Qu'ran directs Muslims to PEACE with "people of the Book."Terrorist Lolicon: and there are the excluded, who don't adapt to the cynicism and hypocrisy, and, unfortunately, tend to follow tortuous paths, becoming criminals, addicts, offenders and all other behaviors that are HYPOCRITICALLY condemned by most people.

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