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If it seems like the build system can't find your compiler and/or linker, consider setting up a To demonstrate linking with a Boost binary library, we'll use the following simple program that extracts the subject lines from emails. Regex library, which has a separately-compiled binary component.

If you can't find what you need, or there's anything we can do to make this document clearer, please post it to the Boost Users' mailing list. We no longer recommend files for Boost because they are twice as large as the equivalent .7z files.The developer of a given Boost library might not have access to your compiler.Also, some warnings are extremely difficult to eliminate in generic code, to the point where it's not worth the trouble.NET 2003 IDEs and their respective command prompt compilers (using the command prompt is a bit simpler).If you are using another compiler or IDE, it should be relatively easy to adapt these instructions to your environment.In order to choose the right binary for your build configuration you need to know how Boost binaries are named.Each library filename is composed of a common sequence of elements that describe how it was built. Where supported by toolsets on unix variants, a full version extension is added (e.g.A note to Cygwin and Min GW users If you plan to use your tools from the Windows command prompt, you're in the right place.If you plan to build from the Cygwin bash shell, you're actually running on a POSIX platform and should follow the instructions for getting started on Unix variants.Special code in Boost header files detects your compiler options and uses that information to encode the name of the correct library into your object files; the linker selects the library with that name from the directories you've told it to search.The GCC toolchains (Cygwin and Min GW) are notable exceptions; GCC users should refer to the linking instructions for Unix variant OSes for the appropriate command-line options to use.

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