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Hook your arms through, gently lean forward into the cups and fasten the bra at the back.Using your hand ensure that the breasts are complete enclosed in the cups.If you increase the cup size you should also decrease the back size.

Whether you are looking for a plunge bra, strapless bra or sports bra we have it covered.As a general rule, if you go down a back size you should increase the cup size, so if you were wearing a 34DD, and the back is too loose, then you should try a 32E. The band size relates to the how the bra fits around your body.One of the most common mistakes is wearing a back size that is too loose, which can cause the bra to ride up at the back; this means that the breasts are not properly supported.If you’ve not has a bra fitted for a while, or ever for that matter, it’s definitely worth doing.Experts recommend being fitted every six months as there are numerous factors that can influence your bra size, such as; weight changes, your monthly cycle, pregancy and hormone changes from HRT or taking the pill.Also, it is worthwhile remembering that different styles of bra (see our bra style guide) fit differently on varying body shapes, so you may not require the same size in a full cup bra as you do in a balcony.There is considerable variation between manufacturers too, so that’s why we offer free delivery and free UK returns so you can try as many as you like until you get the fit that is right for you.The back of the bra should be horizontal and level all the way round; if you find that this is not the case, then you should try a smaller back size, and thus a larger cup size. The centre front and underwire should sit flat against the breastbone between your boobs.Your breasts should be completely enclosed by the fabric of the cup, and there should be a smooth line with no overspill at the top of the bra.Always remember the general rule that if you decrease the band size, you need to increase the cup size in proportion, and the same vice versa. The band rides up at the back If this is the case, then your breasts are not properly supported, as the majority of support comes from the underband.A good way to test if the underband it too loose is to loosen the straps; the band should still hold you in place even if you lift your arms or move around.

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