Blackberry email not validating

– if you check your welcome email from when you signed up to your hosting service you will find the correct settings. Check Nameservers – Check that your domain name is pointing to the correct name servers where your email is hosted.

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To do this, login to your web hosting control panel (see point 3 A above) & select the “Email Accounts” icon & then go down to the list of email addresses & you can see a summary of email accounts & the quota for each.using the above example we would replace mail.abc123twice with If you still are unable to configure your email, consider getting your own domain name with personalised email accounts eg: ([email protected]) I hope you found this information useful on how to fix your email issues.Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.You are required to log on to the application if it has been inactive for 15 minutes or more.Black Berry KEYone pairs the best of Black Berry’s software and security with TCL Communication’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable smartphones to customers around the world.You are then prompted to enter the email address & the password. Reset Email Password if Necessary – If your password is not accepted then this just means that you need to login to your Web Hosting Control Panel & reset the password for your email address.If you are able to login to webmail then this means that the password is valid for that email address so we can proceed to the next step. To do this, all you need to do is to login to your web hosting control panel & select the “Email Accounts” icon & then select the option to change your password.At least twice a day blackberry send me an email asking me to validate one of my email addresses.This is a school email and my other email is a g-mail account which has been completely fine. Try Server-Name in place of domain name These steps are detailed below – please take care to go through them in order, they should only take a couple of minutes: 1.The quickest way to check this is to login to your Webmail. (Please replace ENTERYOURDOMAINHERE with your domain name).

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