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A lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean a treatment doesn't work — but it does make it harder to evaluate whether a particular treatment is safe and effective.

Don't hesitate to talk with your doctor if you have questions.

Describe the program and what kinds of activities we do, and ensure that the client is willing to participate in the program. There is always a staff person we can turn to for advice.""Having mental health issues can be so isolating, but I look forward to everything that I'm able to do in society now that I have a match to support me.

NOTE FOR VOLUNTEERS: Please read the first page of the Volunteer Application, as it states our goal, your role, and requirements for the application. Compeer, and specifically being matched, has given me more hope for the future.""I am impressed with the time spent with [my] client.

Please feel free to suggest the program and/or supply information to your client's Mental Health Professional (counselor, therapist, doctor providing medication management, etc.). A detailed description of each option can be found under "Documents" to the right of your screen. When making your donation, select what you would like to sponsor from the dropdown menu.

Such material can be found on websites, forums, peer-to-peer networks, and sites providing access to live streamed video.

The Office has powers to take down prohibited offensive and illegal online content hosted in Australia.

In order to keep the internet safe for all users, you should report prohibited online content. Prohibited offensive online content is content that would be classified X18 or RC (refused classification) by the Classification Board.

We can then obtain consent from your client and communicate with you as well. My Compeer friend and I get together as our schedule and time allows.

Before suggesting the Compeer Niagara program to a client's Mental Health Professional, please take the time to discuss the program with your client. We can participate in an activity as it appeals to us.

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