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The Bronze Age (1650-1050 BC) brought with it an emigration of mainland Greeks, organized societies and trade with neighboring countries.

City-kingdoms were established during the Geometric and Archaic Periods (1050-480 BC).

Many of the mosaics in the villas are in superb condition.

They depict gods, goddesses, hunting scenes, and blessings of the home.

This is a major attraction in Paphos because of its large size and state of preservation.

These tombs weren’t actually used to bury kings, but they are certainly fit for them.

From 1571 to 1878 Cyprus was under Ottoman control, but managed to retain its Hellenistic cultural identity.

Although in relatively poor condition compared to other ancient ruins in Cyprus, Amathous still merits a visit by the ancient Cyprus enthusiast.

What remains of this seaside city-kingdom is from the Archaic, Roman and Christian periods.

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