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Example : #myfield1_field The above plugin requests that you code the fields in the template.

To access the saved data, use the abbreviation name of the field. Included translations — Vietnamse, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese Layout fixed on Order Summary Page Translations updated Added feature.

Implementation of the Technology eliminates accidents and breakdowns, extends the machinerys uptime and decreases a facilitys downtime and maintenance costs significantly.

Our Systems and Technology have changed refining in Russia and CIS countries by dramatically decreasing operational risk and increasing the safety and operational efficiency of processing in the refining industry. We perform the whole set of system's implementation works on a turnkey basis.

Product features for detecting malicious programs have been expanded. Web for Android detects applications that exploit the recently discovered Android vulnerability 9695860 (extra field). You can start the download directly from this dialogue box.

In addition, an issue involving abnormal termination during automatic updating has been eliminated.

The Word Press Codex contains instructions on how to do this. code review bug fix Javascript fix and rename fields inserted Bug fixes Bug fixes required attribute bug fix and included translations remove fields for shipping Added features for shipping Localization Ready Additional features bug fix Checkout process fix Custom fields data are added to the receipt add/remove required field for each new fields more bugs fixed some bugs fixed More features added.

The manual installation method involves downloading the Plugin and uploading it to your web server via an FTP application.

Over 680 COMPACS systems at dozens of enterprises in Russia and CIS countries in 12 industries monitor over 25,000 machines of more than 2,430 types of various equipment, including compressors (centrifugal, screw, piston), pumps (console, double-seat, vertical, hermetic, etc.), motors (up to 6 MW), gearboxes, turbines, air-coolers, cooler towers, etc.

In accordance with our mission the Technology of Safe Resource-Saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery was developed in 1997 and has been improved since as well.

As we are using the first abbreviation field as an example.

Where «myfield1» is the abbreviation name, and «My custom field:» is the label. Add Woo Commerce Order/Customer CSV Export support Able to Change additional information header GUI Code clean up. WPML bug fixes 4 WPML bug fixes 3 WPML bug fix 2 (translation for e-mails) WPML bug fix Compatibility with 2.1.7 Woo Commerce && WPML Bug fixes.

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