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If you happen to be face to face with an aboriginal, never ask ‘Still throwing spears?’ like Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh did when he visited the country in 2002.Visitors should simply say the traditional ‘Hello’ or ‘Hello, how are you?’As to titles of courtesy, they prefer to use first names, even at the initial meeting.– Popular welcome topics include the weather, sports (particularly Australian Football AFL in Victoria, and National Rugby League NRL in New South Wales and Queensland).

– Punctuality is important, it better to arrive a few minutes early.

– You can present your business card at the introduction.

Keep its content to facts and figures - emotions and feelings are not important. – The person making the invitation generally pays the bill in restaurants.

– Regarding dress code, men should wear a dark coloured, conservative business suit.

– Similarly, women should wear a smart dress or a business suit.

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