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– Topics to avoid though are religion, politics and sex - unless the Australian counterpart brings it up.

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’As to titles of courtesy, they prefer to use first names, even at the initial meeting.– You can present your business card at the introduction.Keep its content to facts and figures - emotions and feelings are not important. – The person making the invitation generally pays the bill in restaurants.– Strong eye-contact is essential - it demonstrates involvement.– The accepted distance between people at meetings is an arm's length.– Popular welcome topics include the weather, sports (particularly Australian Football AFL in Victoria, and National Rugby League NRL in New South Wales and Queensland).Anything related to Australia in a positive way is a good conversation starter.– The decision making will be slower than usually, as the work environment in Australian business culture is collaborative. – Do not try to rush the decision - patience is very much appreciated.– The good news is that Australians do not find it hard to say "no", so the answer will be clear and straightforward. – For business purposes, it is best to visit the country from March to November, as the tourist season occurs from December to February.And beware if you are one of those who like flaunting around your business title – it is most likely that you will be cynically dismissed as a snobbish foreigner.* The official name of Australia is Commonwealth of Australia.

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