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She had multiple scars on her legs and abdomen, and required a bag attached to an opening in her abdomen to collect urine.After her divorce she was convinced that no man would be willing to make love to her. By the time a couple undresses, men have developed a head-long interest that is not deterred by physical defects of this sort.Those who do are likely to feel insecure, and jealous.Exaggerated jealousy is not rare, unfortunately; but it has nothing to do with the woman’s previous sexual behavior. It reflects a proprietary feeling towards the woman, a suspicion of being fooled and taken advantage of.

The more recently defined term, “sexual addict,” refers to compulsive sexual behavior, usually on the part of a man.

When I asked them why, they usually shrugged.“It just got old,” someone said. Knowing them though, I thought they were bothered by the fact that these men, whom they were treating carelessly, treated them carelessly in turn.

They were annoyed, even when they would not admit it, by a man not calling them the next day after having slept with them.

And she is always referring to a particular time in her life.

No one is promiscuous over the course of a lifetime.

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