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has always prided itself on being inclusive and reflective of the real world.But it wasn't until this season that the franchise finally introduced its first gender non-binary character.The boys insist this is simply because Yael is a girl, to which Yael (unsuccessfully) tries to convince them that you can't assume things about people based on their genitalia or gender.In order to prove their point, Yael attempts to use the boys' restroom, only to accidentally walk in on a very confused Hunter using the urinal.” the morning aftertheir first kiss (Paige slept on the floor).Story lines involving the heterosexual characters on in thesixth season, meanwhile, have included a boy in a wheelchair worried about hisability to have sex with his girlfriend, as well as a pregnancy scare for one of thestraight teen girls. The showis not shy about showing sexual tension between Paige and Alex, as in thisscene in the fifth season when the two girls are dancing together at the VIPparty: The casual way in which Paige and Alex are physically affectionate, both whenalone and (occasionally) around other people, is refreshing and subversivein the way it blends in with the other characters.This isn’t a show that showsa lot of skin, in general, so the relative chasteness of the girls’ relationshipdoesn’t stand out — if anything, there is actually more physical affectionbetween Paige and Alex in the second half of the sixth season than between anyother (heterosexual) characters.

The show can be a little dopey, sure, but there’s so much charm in its sincerity and its insistence that yes, life can be difficult, but many problems can be tackled by enlisting the help of a trusted adult and staying true to yourself.First, Teen Nick announced that after 14 glorious seasons of absolutely going there, the show coming to an end.But then, mere days later while fans were still grieving the loss of had been uploaded to the channel!It can be corny, and some of its ripped-from-the-headlines stories especially have been on an emotional roller coster all year.In the sixth episode of is the best.)Throughout the season, viewers saw Yael struggle with their gender identity, including their decision to start binding their breasts.In "#Facts Only" these issues come to a head after Yael clashes with their boyfriend Hunter (Spencer Mac Pherson) and their male friends over their insistence that farts aren't funny.Yael coming out as genderqueer is something to celebrate, but we've still got a long way to go.Lesbian Sex The sexual aspect of Paige and Alex’s relationship is a complicated one.Why you're never too old for Yael's struggles with their gender identity don't go unnoticed by those around them.One teacher approaches Yael assuming that they're transgender and Hunter begins to distance himself because he doesn't understand what Yael is going through or if they might be gay.

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