Are any of the degrassi cast dating

” the morning aftertheir first kiss (Paige slept on the floor).

if you like any of the previous iterations of “Degrassi.” “Next Class” is the Netflix-only version, but much of the cast carries over from the final seasons of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” (which itself included carry-over from “Degrassi Junior High”).The boys insist this is simply because Yael is a girl, to which Yael (unsuccessfully) tries to convince them that you can't assume things about people based on their genitalia or gender.In order to prove their point, Yael attempts to use the boys' restroom, only to accidentally walk in on a very confused Hunter using the urinal.And so after a lunchtime shopping spree and removing their signature wig, Yael looks in the mirror and finally sees their true self reflected back to them for the first time.Sadly, Yael is unable to share in this happiness with Hunter, who still doesn't understand what it means to be gender non-binary and, frankly, seems far too concerned about how Yael's gender identity affects him rather than what coming out as genderqueer means to this person he supposedly loves. But I'm not going back — not for him, not for anyone," Yael declares.But after coming this far, Yael refuses to hide who they are any longer, even if that means losing Hunter. So cheers to for finally giving us the show's first gender non-binary character.Now, let's see some more genderqueer people roaming the halls!Episodes cover teen sexuality, a watered-down version of Gamer Gate, school violence, masturbation, drug use, dating, catfishing, feminism, generalized teen rebellion and the ordinary who-are-you-taking-to-the-dance kind of stuff.The show can be a little dopey, sure, but there’s so much charm in its sincerity and its insistence that yes, life can be difficult, but many problems can be tackled by enlisting the help of a trusted adult and staying true to yourself.Soon, the people in charge of took to the Interwebs to clear up exactly what was going on, posting a comment on a fan blog explaining: "Be sure to keep an eye on the You Tube channel over the next few weeks as we plan to roll out seasons 1-10 of this great show. Soon, seasons 1-10 of will be available on You Tube to stream to your hearts content (unless you live in Canada, in which case, SORRY).We wish we could make them all available in Canada, but unfortunately we don't control Canadian (or African) rights at the moment. We understand if you need a minute to take this amazing news in.

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