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‘Yeah I’m just going out with my mates tonight’ ‘It’s cool, we’re just mates’ We say it all the time, perhaps way too much.

If you’ve planning on bagging a British guy, chances are you will come across this word a thousand times per day, so be prepared to invest in some very sophisticated ear plugs. if he tells you he’s “off to see his ‘mates’ tonight”, rest assured he’s not cheating on you! The Difference between American Football and Rugby! The differences between Rugby and American Football are substantial.

--has good manners, knows which fork to use, isn't afraid to cry, loves his mum, *SIGH* I could go on and on... And so great was his love, he gave up his crown, his kingdom and his country for her. These are what have, and continue to attract, entice and beguile us American damsels.

If you’re stuck on what things to try at the local pub, why not try one of the following (in moderation of course – we won’t take lightly to you drinking us under the table! we can often find time for a spot of peeing on the toilet seat between our sessions of booze, snacks and contact sports!

) As you can see us British guys are very primitive creatures. Above all, a brief understanding of some of the iconic things that make us British will surely impress us and have us dying for more!

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