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‘I’d never have considered taking off my clothes in front of a group of strangers when I was younger — I was much too self-conscious about my body — and for the first ten minutes or so I was absolutely terrified.‘But being the only naked person in a room is actually empowering.

But I didn’t feel nervous at all — not even when I realised I’d be going up with little more than a thin leather strap to hold me on to the bar on the top of the bi-plane.

See more » I don't believe there is one frame in this film that is not gorgeous, that couldn't be displayed as a photograph at a gallery.

The muted colors of the desert, the medieval architecture of the town, the tragically expressive faces always glowing in a magical light--all of it is almost painfully beautiful. By seemingly digressing into numerous anecdotes illustrating the quirks of the population, the director allows us to appreciate deeply the texture and social fabric of the community that is being poisoned by madness.

Music, laughter, cigarettes, even soccer have been banned.

The women have become shadows but resist with dignity.

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