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Outside of the ADA, only 17% of vegetation loss was driven by acute disturbance, and the median yearly loss of NDVI was 0.04; the protracted decline apparent in non-ADA pixel trajectories is typical of urbanization in this study area (Fig. Reference points: (a) western levee near Timika, (b) eastern levee, (c) Kopi River, (d) Minajerwi River.In this study we recorded no disturbance after 2006, but there was additional southward expansion of the ADA particularly from 2012-2016 (Supplementary Figure S4). Four representative pixel trajectories: (a) typical ADA disturbance showing an acute decrease in NDVI associated with inundation; (b) simple, linear trend common for intact forest; (c) protracted NDVI decline typically associated with urbanization; (d) ephemeral vegetation disturbance and regrowth in braided river system.

and Fellowship, National Cancer Institute Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt Fellowship, Baylor College of Medicine Residency, Children’s Hospital of New Jersey Residency, Mount Sinai School of Medicine B.

We constructed pixel-level land cover histories and sampled coastal water SPM across all image dates, 120 of which have 50% cloud cover.

To quantify vegetation disturbance, we developed the Noise Insensitive Trajectory Algorithm (NITA), a novel temporal segmentation algorithm driven, by a robust piecewise orthogonal regression of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) time series data that captures both acute and protracted change trajectories and is resilient to atmospheric contamination.

After more than three decades of large-scale mining, the impacts of Grasberg tailing disposal on Papua’s forest and estuarial ecosystems have received only minimal study in part because of restricted access to the ADA and regional political instability.

Repeat remote sensing from satellite platforms, alternatively, allows for monitoring of spatially diffuse and temporally protracted environmental change with reduced need for physical site access.

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