Hollywood stars were usually skinnier than most women for their time.

The reason was simple; cameras add pounds to anyone's form, so stars tended to be thinner than average in real life to appear normal on the screen.

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As society has changed, the boundaries have been pushed, tested, stretched and shattered where the concept of sexy is concerned.

With plastic surgery, big boobs are more in vogue, even on skinny women. So, many men are now look at women with naturally large busts, so voluptuous is back in vogue. When you look back through the larger part of history, curvy women were the most .

Push up bras with even triple padding are hot selling items among the slim set, but when their male companions see them without clothes on, the jig (jug? Larger women were seen as fruitful, and offspring were a benefit in hunter-gatherer and rural based societies.

I am wring in mixed Urdu so what was happened can be said.

This happened few years back first time and we enjoyed incest for several years aur Zonia ki shaddi say ek ratt phaly main nay usko aakri daffa dill bar kay chooda tha, uskay badd mooqa nahin milla.

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