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When I asked the driver to move his truck, moved the delivery ramp, but only to let me into the lot, the he lowered it again at the entrance of the lot.

I informed the manager of this concern, she walked the other way, having a nonchalant attitude, nor did she ask the drivers to move the Cola-Cola truck.

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Reply I HAVE BEEN WONDERING WHAT IS GOING ON LATELY, IN WACO, TEXAS FAMILY DOLLAR STORES.Also, leaving the lot it is difficult to see on coming traffic, or to even merge into traffic, I have described to you an accident waiting to happen.Reply I just visited your store on 3458 Buena Vista Rd, Columbus, GA 31906. Another customer had walked in as the male employee was scanning my three items.He had been working at his parent’s five and dime clothing store since he was 14.He convinced his mother to let him use the basement as a “bargain basement” type of store. After getting married and working hard at a factory, Leon had saved ,000 to start his own “Family Dollar” store. The company quickly expanded to South Carolina (1961), Georgia (1962) and Virginia (1965).They sold the cheapest possible items in the basement.Leon figured that if they could do it, so could he.THE MANAGERS CAN NOT GET SUPPLIES FOR THE RUNNING OF THE STORES, SUCH AS BAGS FOR THE CUSTOMERS, REGISTER TAPE TO GIVE RECEIPTS TO GIVE TO THE LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Reply A family member has been a manager at one of your stores for about three years now.AND NOW THEIR COMPUTERS NEED HELP ASAP, ONE DOWN ALL THE WAY AND ONE IN AND OUT. I have never ever seen such an abuse and lack of consideration for employees.The company expanded rapidly in the 60’s and had over 50 stores by 1969.The company went public in 1970 and continued to expand rapidly.

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