Accommodating assets 1 atlanta ga 30342

Key Qualifications: Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to: 1.

· Perform purchasing duties, as required, with a full understanding of purchasing policies. · Evaluate maintenance work feedback to improve future work orders. · Calculate work backlog, based on open work with priorities, and forecasted available labour hours and materials for future work that is planned prior to actual work completion.

· Assist engineers and other management staff in carrying out technical work, including performing research, tests, calculations, technical analysis and preparing reports and specifications.

· Administer, prepare, review and coordinate requirements, contracts, agreements, reports and documents.

· Develop detailed work instructions, as required, to support all health & safety requirements by participating in job hazard analysis.

· Assemble work packages to the level of detail required to execute the work. · Maintain and update the equipment inventory, including asset characterizing information such as model, serial number, equipment type, etc.

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