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My thing is why don't they use protection and save themselves 50 bucks.

They say accidents happen but you knew what was coming and what you were doing.

Out of the 100 public comments and another 20 private messages, 90 per cent of the straight men polled were vehemently against the all-bald look on their women.

As a woman who has been going completely bare down there since Carrie Bradshaw first endorsed it—"I feel like I'm nothing but walking sex," she oh-so-accurately declared in a 2000 episode of Sex and the City—I was disheartened by the reaction from the guys.

But that certainly seems to be where the cultural tide is turning. But the rest of you might want to add some floss to your nightstand drawer.

Pubic hair, as with eyebrows or hairstyles, really does find itself in the ebbs and flows of trends. The '80s showed slight bikini waxing around the panty line area.

And in the '90s, a few interesting things happened culturally that influenced the completely waxed look.

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