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For some reason everyone recommends the right most usb port when attempting to update via flash drive.

I was given a Playstation 3 slim by a friend of mine.My flash drive's lights flicker, so it does try to access it, but after a while it stops and it just hangs.I have tried swapping the Toshiba internal drive with a totally new one, with a Samsung EVO SSD, it doesn't change a thing.That message is the only thing I see when I open the app.No, I never used the Australian servers so it's not a problem of switching over. It's been like this since I downloaded 24 hrs ago, I don't know what else to do.Due to this console still being on 3.50, I could not access online, nor play any of the games I had bought previously. I tried rebooting, updating from the disc, nothing worked.I'm also more interested in Playstation Vita stuff so I wanted the console to be on the recent firmware. The update was stuck on 99%, so I put the latest firmware version on a USB drive (with the correct folder structure and formatted to FAT32, yes). So I took the drive out, formatted it on PC and reinserted it, hoping it would reinstall the firmware this time. In safe mode as well, it hangs on the "Checking, please wait" screen.I have opened the unit to check the Blu-Ray connection, as this can cause update troubles as well. Looks like you tried 99% of what I would've suggested.One other suggestion since you didn't specify in your post, did you try both USB ports?Hope the console isn't stuffed, I sold my backup just the other day...I never even started playing AND it's the latest update available.

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