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Younger women also used alcohol to increase their self-confidence and standing in the workplace.A recent survey showed that half of all mothers drank at home at least three or four nights a week.Never give out your personal contact details or information when you have a live one to one conversation on this phone service.We are excited that you managed to find this great 13p chat website!It beat the second class target with a performance of 98.6per cent.Director of Postal Policy at Consumer Focus, Robert Hammond, said: ‘With only a month to go and last post dates for some international mail this week, we’d urge people to think about their Christmas post now.

Alcohol is now so cheap in supermarkets that it is possible to get drunk for the price of a Mars bar, according to a report by the Core Cities Health Improvement Collaborative.This is a non adult service provided by Stream18 Media. Callers may receive free promotional material, however you will be able to opt-out at anytime.The increases - the biggest in the 172 year history of the organisation - came as people are increasingly choosing to use the internet and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and virtual cards, to send Christmas messages.Women are storing up a health timebomb by drinking this regularly.'My fear is that such women are at risk of developing liver disease or becoming alcohol-dependent.' Recent NHS figures show the number of women admitted to hospital with alcohol-related problems jumped by a staggering 23 per cent in just two years to more than 70,000 in 2008.Professor Gilmore, who will speak at a meeting of the Young Women's Christian Institute on Wednesday, said women were more susceptible to alcohol-related problems because of their physical and genetic make-up.He added: 'It only takes five to ten years of being on a heavy drinking treadmill for liver disease to arise.' The professor, who is also chairman of the UK Alcohol Health Alliance, said: 'There is a link between alcohol consumption, the emancipation of women and their bigger role in the workplace.Advocating the use of second class stamps, a spokesman said: ‘Post as early as possible using second class.This will save money and cut stress by ensuring items are delivered well in time for the big day.‘Second class post also has a better delivery record - last Christmas only just over a half of items sent first class arrived the next day, but over 90 per cent of items sent using second class arrived on time within three days.’ In the first half of the 2012 financial year, Royal Mail narrowly missed its 93per cent first class target with a punctuality rate of 92.6per cent. Phone chat with hundreds of callers on the line right now.Chatting with other callers couldn't be simpler so just follow the three easy steps.

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