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Australian men love foreign women, if they’re shy it’s because they are probably transfixed by your beauty and make a big thing in their head about you.So if camping and watersports and the occasional adrenaline rush are your thing, you're in luck!In the past 11 months since I wrote my last blog post I’ve had the best intentions of posting more…I’ve taken pictures, I’ve written notes and I’ve researched topics; in fact the only thing I haven’t done is actually post and do you know why that is? This year has been a bit of a weird one – I’ve worked, I’ve studied, I’ve wasted time on people that didn’t deserve it, I’ve spent less time with people that do and now that I look back on it I know I would do things differently. However, what I can do is move on from it, learn from it and attempt to make my own luck.

I’m a brazilian girl, and I’m so perplexed and confuse about these guys.

Learn to apply the laws of power and attraction including social proof, anticipation, mystery, and more.

Learn how to create attraction, make your lover pursue you, keep romance in relationships, make great first impressions Its time to think out side the box!

is more than a Podcast dating show-it’s a lifestyle!

Realizing you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is an exciting, life-altering moment.

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